Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wind Turbine

An application for a single wind turbine has been received by Sedgemoor Council and is out for consultation. The earliest decision will be made on the 5th August 2015

Planning Application Number 24 - 15 - 00016

Location: River Yeo Farm, White House Lane, Loxton, BS26 2US

Total Height including blades 76m

Here is a link to the full planning application where comments can be made if wished. 

Here is the link to the Sedgemoor Planning Portal where you can type in the application number on the right. 24 15 00016

There is information in the planning application and supporting documents to look through that answers questions and allows comments to be sent directly to Sedgemoor council via a form.

The Biddisham and Badgworth parish council will be discussing the wind turbine on Monday 27th July at their meeting. The public are welcome to attend and can comment at the open forum at the beginning of the meeting.

Please find below a map along with images from the official public planning application submitted by Dist Gen for initial information.

Location Map

View from the Webbington Hotel

View from Rooksbridge Road near York Farm

View from opposite Chestnut Farm, Biddisham Lane 

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