Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Rural Broadband Update for Biddisham

Orange = superfast broadband coming soon  Green = superfast broadband is here  

Last week I attended a 'Get Up To Speed' Digital Champion meeting with Connecting Devon and Somerset. The aim was to find out when superfast broadband was coming to Biddisham, who would get it and what would happen for the 5% at the end of the lines? 

Good News - The cabinet on the A38 opposite the New Moon will be enabled in October 2015. Those living within 1km of this cabinet will be able to purchase a Superfast Broadband package from BT.
Others should see an uplift in speeds.

We will take a poll around Christmas time to see what has actually happened and if the main part of Biddisham have benefited.

Bad News - The remaining properties suffering with speeds of less that 0.5mbps at the end of the lines, won't be seeing any improvement. I was told not to expect any news until 2020 as it is not financially viable to bring super fast broadband to these properties.

Can James Heappy Help? - I will be meeting with James Heappy MP on Friday 31st July to discuss what can be done for the 5% in the meantime.

Village Hall WiFi Hub? - One idea would be to turn the Village Hall into a superfast broadband hub with wi-fi for residents of the parish to use when needed. Would this work for you? Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help.

George Osbourne to make Broadband a Utility - There will be a campaign to ask George Osbourne to make Broadband a utility. Contact him via email here. 

Does anyone care? Is fast working broadband important to you? Do people care enough to do something about it? Or are people happy paying for a service that doesn't work? Is it important to access the same information, entertainment, services as people have in cities? 

Broadband is not a luxury - the residents of Biddisham, Tarnock and the surrounding villages are not all the ultra rich living on remote grand estates at the weekends. These are normal people, farmers, pensioners, young families just the same as in towns and cities. People working from home just needing to carry out their business which requires broadband as an essential tool. 

These are also homes with young people in education. These young people have not chosen to live here and need working broadband to carry out their studies. An example is at Crab Hole farm where George, a music student, is required to have his own YouTube channel as part of his course. Their broadband speeds are 0.14mbps and BT can do nothing to improve this despite rewiring the house. How is George and others like him able to study and stay in the countryside?

There is more info on the broadband page of solutions we have found to work in the time being like satallite broadband. 

More Info and People to contact. 

Connecting Devon and Somerset Website 

Iwan Best at Connecting Devon and Somerset with any concerns and questions about broadband

James Heappy MP 

CEO of BT Gavin Patterson


Ombudsman Services to notify them about poor service and provision from your provider. 

Alternative Suppliers

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