Monday, 13 July 2015

Pole Cat Found in Biddisham

 This little polecat appeared in the garden last weekend, we had to quickly put him in a box before a dog got to him as he didn't seem to be acting all that quick.

We gave him some food and water and kept him in cool until he had recovered enough for us decide if he was wild or someones pet. Taking a peek into the box he confirmed he may be a little wild!

We rang around and asked everyone we could think off if they had any ferets, no one was missing. The Vincent Wildlife Trust was helpful in identifying him via twitter and have recorded his location. After disputing with the RSPCA and Secret World as to whether he was indeed wild (and quite rare) or tame we eventually found him a place at Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

We found him in the bin asleep at one point.
They took him in and gave him some food and have told us he was very young and had most likely lost his mother. He will be re-released at West Hatch once he is strong enough.

It was very important that the Pole Cat was wild as he would be released as such and this also means we have a rare newcomer to the area. Pole Cats are a rare and protected species.

Safely at Secret World
It was lovely to drop him/her at Secret World, they have a fantastic facility to take in wild animals and re-release them where possible. Whilst we were there we were lucky to see the badgers sleeping in their sets, their fabulous peacock and Terrapin on their desk. The charity take care of all our local wild animals when in need of help and we were very thankful they could take in the pole cat.

It would be great to have a record of Biddisham wildlife over the years. This could also prove useful for conservation of habitats and the village.

You can donate to Secret World or help out in other ways by following this link. 

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