Sunday, 19 July 2015

Places of Biddisham - The Old School House

Outside the school house late 18th Century on Biddisham Lane. In the background you can just see the old St. Vincent's Orchard which is now a row of bungalows.

The Old School House was built in the 1858 by Rev.Filleul and opened years before the Forster Act for compulsory primary education in 1870. Below is a picture of the Filleul family who lived in the Rectory, Biddisham.

The Rvd. Philip Valpy Mourent Filleul had returned from Tazmania and settled in Biddisham as the rector with his wife and two sons where he remained into old age.

Rvd. Philip Valpy Mourent Filleul

Henry Body of Biddisham now aged 81 attended the school for just one month before it closed in 1939 and was relocated to Biddisham village hall on the A38.
In 1944 the old school house became a Youth Hostel sold by the Rvd. George Thomas Evans and finally in 1952 it became a house as it is today.

Thank you George and Serena Hatton for sharing these pictures, deeds and maps.

Deeds from 1944 when the Old School Hose became a Youth Hostel. 

1930s map of Biddisham

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