Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Red Kite Comes to Biddisham

This morning on our usual walk we met the man from the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) He told us that bird numbers were looking good and for the first time we had a Red Kite in Biddisham!

The man also identified a Hobby for me that I have watched flying beautifully over the river and said everything was looking healthy.
Sadly this time the numbers of birds from West Africa were down and this is thought to be a consequence of the Ebola crisis but not yet confirmed.

He will be visiting again in a couple of months to see how everything has gone and hopefully we will have another booming year for our birds.

After we said goodbye to the man, there in the sky appeared a Red Kite over Kingsacre and Tile House. A similar size to the buzzards and attracted to the fresh hay cut fields, It was spectacular sight and I hope they will be here to stay.

We also have six fresh cygnets in the river at Riverside Farm, this same pair of swans raise their cygnets here every year and it seems they only just said goodbye to three strong swans a few weeks ago.

Typically the one time I didn't have my camera, the photo above is taken from the RSPB. If anyone happens to take any wildlife images in Biddisham it would be great to share them. The Red Kite and Cygnets can be a challenge.

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