Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Weekend - A Walk Through Biddisham

Last weekend the contact magazine needed delivering through the village and this was a good opportunity for me to meet a few people and see exactly how long Biddisham is. I'm really sorry if I missed your house!

From the main road and our village sign (which needs a wash) I walked up through to Tarnock, along Kingsway and then back and down Biddisham Lane. It was great to meet people and stop for long chats about the village. Hearing about how the village used to be was fascinating and a little sad that we are missing that old feeling of community that surrounds public buildings.

I had no idea that there was two pubs in Biddisham and a shop! The lack of a pub was a recurring theme people mentioned and how great the 'meet your neighbours' evening was at the village hall. Maybe one day we'll have a pub again?

People had great stories about living and farming in the village and have referred me to the residents with the richest history who I will be speaking to soon to start a Biddisham Village history project.

Things change quickly here, the little red bricked house is getting a makeover and I just caught it in time to see how it looked before. It will be great too see how it looks after. Opposite Rose Cottage had a whole television programme dedicated to it's renovation. Hopefully someone can find this.

It was a really beautiful day and little disheartening to see the village green locked and completely empty. Please go and use it!

Alex King

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