Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Broadband Options for Biddisham

We can all agree that broadband speeds in Biddisham, Tarnock and Badgworth are less than ideal. Traditional methods via BT lines are not working and aren't going to be upgraded for quite some time.

The latest from the Connecting Devon and Somerset website is that the cabinet at Edingworth may be upgraded in October 2015 to a usable speed.

The internet has improved our lives and opened our worlds dramatically enabling us to live and work in beautiful places like Biddisham. However this is more than a luxury. Not only do our younger residents need fast broadband but it is an essential utility like mains water and electricity with access to online banking, prescriptions and essential services.

It isn't fair that as a rural community we don't even have the option of efficient working broadband like the majority of the country. And it isn't just the money, I'm sure we would all pay a small percentage more if we could just have it working.

Below are a few links to companies that can provide working broadband until it is bought to us.

I am not affiliated with any company, this is simply to share the information we have found when searching for a working broadband solution so that we could stay and work in Biddisham.

If any of the services are of interest to residents it may be worth working together to see if a deal can be offered with a provider? I will try to keep you updated with progress via the website too.

Connecting Devon and Somerset Broadband  - the website for information on when working broadband will come to our area.

James Heappey MP - part of Mr Heappey's campaign was promising faster working broadband for us in rural communities. He needs to be held to this, so please write, phone and tweet him about our improving our broadband.
James Heappey, 3c Town Street, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5BD
Telephone: 01749 343255    Email:james.heappey.mp@parliament.uk   Twitter: @JSHeappey

Avonline Satellite Broadband 

This is not the same as Sky. Satellite broadband was our solution at the end of Biddisham Lane and it works well enabling us to upload and download files, watch video and access the internet in a normal way.
The costs are a little higher, there is an installation fee and there will be a satellite dish on your house. There are set data allowances eg: 25GB per month and when you reach your limit, they do not charge extra they just slow your speeds dramatically.

Set Up: satellite dish on the house, hub inside with wifi to connect 10 devices.
Our speeds: 11 Mb/s
Price: Approx £45 per month for 25GB

Three Mobile Broadband  

This is the solution we found to use in our holiday cottages. Our guests thought they had entered the dark ages when we couldn't offer wi-fi which was when we realized how far behind we were!
Three have recently upgraded their system and it is currently working very well enabling emails, browsing and videos. When a mast goes down it is difficult to get them to fix it quickly as rural customers are not a priority.

Set Up: sim card in a mi-fi dongle to connect 5 devices in the home.
Our Speeds: 3.59 Mb/s
Price: Approx £15 per month for 15GB data allowance

*Please note it is easy to use up the data allowance and they charge a huge amount if you go over, so ask them to set a cap on your limit. We luckily avoided a £500 bill!

EE Mobile Broadband

We are in a 4G area covered by EE. This will work the same as the Three Mobile Broadband service, we haven't tried this option but it looks like it could work well.
Again a Mi-Fi home hub with a sim card would be installed.

Price: Approx £30 per month for 25GB data allowance

If anyone has any info they would like to add to help our villages get better broadband please add a comment or contact us.

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