Friday, 29 May 2015

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the new website! We thought it was time for Biddisham and Tarnock to have their own website where we can update local news, useful information and share a little more interest in our local area.

We would really love to hear from you with any news you may have! Any achievements big or small, stories, local history, events etc. It would great for everyone to be involved and we welcome all young and less young to submit anything you would like to share.

Have you taken any great photos of local wildlife? Want to congratulate someone? Do you have any great stories or pictures on the history of the village?

We would also like to add more local businesses to our list, it's completely free we just need your business card to share your info.

This website is a gift to the village and I really hope it can be enjoyed and found useful at bringing our stretched out community technologically together!

Any requests email or call 07841 718877 at Waterfront Farm.

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