Saturday, 26 April 2014

April 2014

blackthorn blossom

April has seen a wonderfully bright and dry month with just a few showers to make everything lush and green.

White blossoms have erupted along the road from the blackthorn hedges which will be giving us damsons and sloes later in September to make delicious gin from for Christmas. The road is scattered with the petals like snow. 
Apple and fruit trees are beginning to flourish with pinks and the fields are a sea of daisies. I've never seen such a carpet before. 

The hedgerows are filled with sparrows and Great-tits fluttering around bringing the hedge to life as we walk along the road. 
The light during spring seems to have made every plant exceptionally green with such vibrancy. Hearts Tongue ferns are uncurling in the corners and the Ash hedge with all its fingers pointing to the sky is eventually showing some feathery leaves. Further down the road last years dry seeds are still hanging from a branch. 

Due to the dry spell young dairy cows have arrived to stretch their legs in the field and feast on the sugar rich grass. And as a treat on the corner a little family of two goats, a ewe and three lambs all huddle together on the still slightly chilly mornings. 

Walking along the riverbank the Kingfisher is still making regular flight, swans are visiting and the otter is about. There was quite ruckus on the river the other night in which I suspect the sleeping swans were disturbed by the otters swimming up and down. The bats are back flying around at dusk. 
A large depressed river mussel shell was in the field too which I assume the otter collected and ate on the bank. This was about 10cms in diameter. I have also noticed little holes in the path along the riverbank of which I'm sure something scurried into as I walked along. It may just be a mouse or a rat or something more interesting? 

The swans at the end of Biddisham Lane under the Poplar trees.

The Lamb family on the corner.

Carol, Rita, Ava and their moovie star friends. (This really is their names on their ear tags) 

Carpet of daisies 

Hearts tongue ferns

The Depressed River Mussel found on the bank. 

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