Thursday, 27 March 2014

March 27th 2014

As the sun sets on another beautiful day in Biddisham Spring has most definitely sprung.

The rains have stopped, the grey skies that did look like this ........

Have now now turned to this!

The wildlife came out in force this week. The lesser spotted woodpecker was drilling away in the Poplar copse, very loudly.

A single lamb, a beautiful Wiltshire Horned lamb has also arrived at Poplar farm. It was quite a soap opera since the little lamb arrived last week. She watched closely as the Rams clashed their heads together and as her Mum butted the Rams to show them what was what. All of the flock came over to greet her and although she is a lonely lamb she has skipped, slept and munched her way around the field discovering the bunnies, the seagulls and the crows.

Along with the lamb a small group of adventurous Shetlands have infiltrated the flock through the fence. At first the Wiltshires were a little nervous of the spotted sheep but they have settled back to their very relaxed way of life of eating grass all together.

Today was the highlight of the week. The river Axe has been raised back up to Summer levels, its so clear you could swim in it. If only is wasn't so cold!
This afternoon an Otter purposefully swam downstream paddling past us all as we watched from the gardens at Waterfront.

A deer and a duck was also spotted on our morning walk nestled in the grass. In separate fields.

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