Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday October 10th 2013

As the busy Summer season is coming to an end and the first cold winds from the North arrive it's time to update the developments on Biddisham Lane.

This morning was breezy and very bright with a stunning sunset last night. The colours were such bright electric pink and blue in neon swirls.
The blackberries are just going over and there was an abundance of these black jewels all along the road, I just wish we 'd picked more. The leaves are just beginning to turn copper and the horse chestnuts from Chestnut Farm are scattered all over the driveway still shiny and polished.

A little grey velvet cat has appeared from the hedge a few mornings over the past month. He's very friendly and I hope he has a home to go to, he may live at Chestnut farm? and I'm sure he'll follow us if he was really hungry.

Other new arrivals are the three happiest dogs in the world at Riverside Farm. These three collies have great fun running and barking and playing around the farm with complete freedom.  One loves the river so much we thought he was drowning, soon to be assured that he just loves swimming! The happy barks along with the cackling of the ducks and chortling of the beautiful black hens makes the corner a wonderful orchestral performance each morning that never fails to make me smile.

A ram has arrived with the new mountain sheep too, they have long swinging un-docked tails that make them look like wolves in sheep's clothing and they appear to have the softest of wools.

Last years lambs are happily grazing in the lower field and just as I took their picture a couple of swans flew over. The mass migration of the geese happened a couple of weeks ago where hundreds flew over in their arrows.

The river is beginning to lower, the kingfisher seem busy around 8am each morning where I have caught site of a pair on a regular basis. Our guests have also noted the otters in the guest book during the Summer.

Sweet peas are still in flower with the sunshine and all is very good on Biddisham lane this morning.

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