Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday May 7th 2013

What a beautiful morning, fresh bright and blue with the sunshine warming at seven a.m.  The cow parsley has shot up along the edges of the lane in a delicate lace trim and golden yellow shield lichen coats the branches of the blackthorns.
New Rowan leaves are constant in their uncurling growth and hidden amongst the hedgerow is a 'babe in the cradle' wild arum catching the light as a secret treasure.
Bubbling branches carry the hints of pink blossom of the crab apple tree which will soon burst in a feminine display on the river bank.
Brown patches of mud float atop the rivers surface, running stagnantly slow and desperately needing a more consistent flow when the flood gates rise.

The birds have been most vociferous this morning, the tiniest of brown wrens and sparrows sounding alarms that could be heard for miles as I walked the river bank.

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