Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday May 4th

The rains came in the night and sprinkled everything with a fresh shine this morning. The wind was warmly breezing across the flats and the skies bruised moodily in puffs that occasionally broke sending a bright searchlight speeding across the fields.

New arrivals in the rotating field this morning with a small herd of cow printed youngsters that were reluctantly feeling the new space.
Grasses have been growing fast enough to see the difference every day, the rich mustard yellow of the Gorse on the hill has spread in a Triffid like way engrossing the landscape.

Little patches of flowers appear and dye away daily, this little cluster by the stables is the prettiest white with a lavender stripe.

We couldn't go a day without the sheep, Ernest thought he needed to remind them (and me) who's was the king of the road by having a little grumble of jealously. They lined up nicely turning their backs to his nonsense.

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