Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday May 3rd 2013

This morning the weather has taken a turn with ash grey and white clouds dappling over the wash of blue and masking away the sunshine.

Along this stretch of the road we have an few small groups of sheep and cattle. They all seem very content in their little herds and were on great form this morning for photos.

This small holding ewe was willing to pose providing I picked the fresh long grass just the other side of the fence for her to eat in between shots. Her lambs have grown considerably meaty since those first cold mornings when they were born and appeared so fragile.

The trees are pollinating and I must find out what this red hot chili seed is that has scattered across the road?

Week old twins have arrived in the next paddock with the most fabulous pink mouse ears atop the sweetest of delicate faces.  Their wobbly tails are still to drop and waggle with enthusiasm as they headbutt for the milk supply.
 I smile at the way both the sheep and cows slowly chew the pickings from the fields, the sideways grind of the jaw, laid back and ever so slow. Life must be good for these creatures in the Spring.

The corner farm has a wonderful array of beasties, my favourite coupling being the large white Saanen goat and the black and white spotted calf that you can just see in the distance. They have been hanging out together for the past week along with three tough looking rams.

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