Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Fox - 6pm 30th April 2013

I stumbled upon this fox on the river bank this evening about 6pm in full daylight.

The swan it's snacking on must have collided with one of the electricity wires and had been floating in the river a few days ago. The carcass had been on the bank since yesterday and I assume this fox had been returning to it or the Otters had dragged it out of the river?
The fox wasn't looking too healthy with a spindly tail and what looked like mange. I'm tempted to put food out for it as there aren't any loose farm dogs around any more. Will see if it can be catapulted across the river or maybe it will swim.

It doesn't help that less than 100 metres away from this fox is the hunt kennels though!

On the foxes note, I found a dead fox in the ditch at the end of the field last week too whilst the neighbours sheep had escaped.  It was quite a shock to see it lying there with no understanding to why it had died. It also had a spindly tail.

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